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issues with trust, connection, relating, etc.)- In-depth psychotherapy with adults and couples- Complex psychopathology (e.g.dissociative conditions resulting from severe trauma; longstanding and severe depression and anxiety)- Psychosomatic disorders- Mind-body medicine (link between stress and disease)- Eating disorders (e.g., overweight, anorexia, bulimia)- Trauma & sexual abuse- Homosexuality issues- Relationships, sexuality, and sexual disorders- Bereavement and Loss- Personal growth & "feeling stuck" in life- Hypnotherapy & Medical Hypnoanalysis- Chronic depression/anxiety- Coping with chronic disease- Unexplained anger/rage- Adult survivors of childhood neglect or abuse - Borderline Personality Disorder- Coping with infertility Special Interest : Skype, Face Time, online sessions only: Restoring meaning and purpose with effective short-term rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT) for: Executive stress Emotional trauma Bereavement Online psychotherapy, Skype, Facetime.Special Interest : My main interest as a psychologist is to provide a genuine, warm, supportive and professional space that helps people to identify, understand and effectively to identify and understand where they feel stuck in their lives.

I have a special interest in depression and anxiety as well as experience in working with adolescents and addiction.

I offer parental support and guidance and aim to alleviate distress associated with postpartum depression.

Therapy offered in both English and Afrikaans Special Interest : I work with adults, adolescents and children.

I work with people that present with a range of emotional and behavioural difficulties.

I offer a wide range of psychological services which include but are not limited to:-Depression-Post-natal Depression-Anxiety Disorders-Stress Management-Anger Management-Poor Self-Esteem-Career Guidance-Coaching-Eating Disorders-Addiction-Bereavement Counselling-Trauma Counselling (this is usually a short-term therapeutic process and primarily focuses on working through the traumatic incident/s and enhancing coping skills)-Couples Counselling-Parental Guidance (general parenting skills, discipline, support for parents, setting boundaries, routine/structuring home environments, supportive parenting -Divorce and Co-Parenting Special Interest : Individual psychotherapy with adults, adolescents and children Couples and family therapy Play therapy Mood disorders (depression/ bi-polar disorder)Anxiety/Panic /Social Phobia Borderline Personality Disorder Grief /Bereavement/Loss Meaning of life issues/ Spirituality Insight Oriented Personal Development ADHD Parental Guidance/Support Workplace issues Self esteem issues Interpersonal Difficulties Stress Management Sexual Identity Issues Trauma / PTSDEating Disorders Special Interest : Adolescent & Adults. These workshops engage team/office members through a series of experiential exercises, preferably away from the office, with the aimed outcome being a better understanding of one another thus leading to a slick and integrated team.

Forensic: Evaluation of witness credibility Psychological profiling related to Crime Scene analysis Special Interest : Individual, Family, Group and Couples therapy Child assessment and therapy Psychotherapy for Medical and Psychiatric conditions Bereavement, Trauma, Stress and Anxiety HIV/AIDS specialist Employee wellness specialist and coach Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Special Interest : I am a psychologist working with stress related problems and adjustment issues, such as relational problems, divorce and changes in personal circumstances.

I have extensive experience in treating PTSD and have presented at various United Nation conferences on the impact of trauma.

Being overwhelmed by the changes and experiences in your life and not feeling able to cope Being unhappy and displeased with relationships in your life.

You may feel that you can not cope and that you cant move forward despite of trying very hard.

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