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This was eight years ago and Ashley Madison was much different from today. My wife is a wonderful person, but like most marriages, our relationship was strained. We’ve been married for 17 years The first woman I talked to was a woman from a different state. Frustrated one night after yet another sexless evening with my wife, I created a free profile and entered into a dark world.She told me about the experience she had the evening before: she had a man show up to her work and meet her in the parking garage to have sex in the back seat of her car.

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So when I confronted him he said they always pop up on his facebook and he accidentally pressed it but hes no idea y he has a account with them but its not his fault!

My question is can these dating agencys just create you account just like that?

In the aftermath of a hack that revealed the identities of millions of users of the infidelity dating website Ashley Madison, we’ve heard many stories from people who’ve said the data leak is ruining their lives. We were going through a period where I was horrible in bed and she had little motivation to engage in sex. I was 38 at the time and she was a few years older.

I initially went on Ashley Madison with zero expectations. She told me she had been on the site a few months and had numerous sexual encounters.

I found an email to my husband a while back from someone who was intersted in his profile on this dating website and I was really upset (I posted on here for advise too).

I confronted him about it and he said he had been getting a few emails from them but just thought it was junk mail and that it might be something to do with facebook.

I met a woman who said she’d never given a man a blowjob. Some of the affairs have been more like friends with benefits, no strings attached.

me and my hubby have access to each others emails and when I was deleting his emails I came across frm a dating agency confirming he'd signed uo so I went on and put his email address in and guessed his password and it signed me in!

I purchased a hotel room for us and she drove five hours to spend a few days with me. I thought there was no reason for my wife to not trust me. I resigned myself to basically having a non-sexual life, but I also wondered whether I should divorce her. But I decided I didn’t want to risk hurting my wife again so I committed myself to doing it right. I used a card my wife doesn’t know about, but didn’t take the extra step of using a prepaid card.

I hid myself in the lobby to see her from afar when she arrived. I remember thinking, “This can’t really be happening.” This was a beautiful woman who wanted to do anything I wanted with her. But when you’re cheating, the signs are all there if the spouse wants to look. She stepped up her sexual game, but after a few months, that faded. The problem for a lot of people on Ashley Madison is that their core sexual desires vary from their spouse. I had one that was just very hollow — good but meaningless sex that leaves you feeling used. A very common thing you see on profiles is, “I have a wonderful house, a wonderful life. I just want something else.” You meet people who are great in bed, but you laugh together about how you could never live together.

You have to activate your account by confirming it through a special email they send you and you also have to create a profile - that is give all your details, age, height, area, etc. I'm so sorry to say that but I wanted to be honest with you. You can press the x and it will take your fb details etc and create an account. My husband is in IT and has reporte4d loads of dating sights for this.

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