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They felt strong, masculine, virile — like every woman wanted them. And our hotel visits were three or four times per week. I opened a Pay Pal account, got a Pay Pal debit card and attached a personal checking account to my Pay Pal account.I would make online transfers into Pay Pal and she couldn't see any of my transactions."Most cheating men will need an untraceable way to pay for things: gifts, meals, hotels, trips, etc.

He's secretive with his technology."i Messages on the i Phone are untraceable on cell phone bills.

I would only text [my mistress] when it was safe and then delete the messages immediately.

In this respondent's case, when he started his affair, he would grab his phone and head into the restroom for 20 to 30 minutes.

His excuse: He was "reading email and the news." The only problem was, his phone bill showed something very different.

My advice: don't make accusations that you can't back up.

But, if you do suspect it, sit him down for a long talk about your concerns.If that nagging feeling doesn't disappear, you have some choices to make — and perhaps some investigations to start. We have escorts from all around the country ready to service your needs.But now, cheaters fly under the radar by using technology to do their communication dirty work.Apps exist that allow text messages, online chat sessions and pictures to last for a certain amount of time (and then disappear).New activities, such as him going out all the time (but never mentions it until afterward) is a glaring example.

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