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A few days after the accident, when grieving Bulmer-Rizzi told Buzz Feed News that not only would the death certificate read "never married" but that all end-of-life decisions had to be approved by his father-in-law – because Bulmer-Rizzi was not deemed the next of kin – the story went viral, sparking media coverage around the world.

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The coverage of the case in Australia was so extensive, it also reignited the same-sex marriage debate in a country that still does not allow such rights for its own citizens, and in most of its territories does not recognise overseas same-sex marriages.

The UK's Foreign Office invited Bulmer-Rizzi to a meeting on 21 April to discuss his concerns about his experience in Australia.

The minister also promised that the information sent to British nationals when their partner or family member dies – called "bereavement packs" – would be looked at to "explore what more can be done to make those packs more relevant to LGBT travellers".

Bulmer-Rizzi is now calling for other countries to follow suit, and also offer its same-sex married couples documentation to support their rights abroad."I think the United States needs to do it, France needs to it, Spain, every country that has same-sex marriage, because then there will be a lot of pressure on every other country to at least recognise it," he said."That’s how you start to end discrimination.

However, on their return their marriage was not recognised under British law.

Under the subsequent Civil Partnership Act, it was instead converted into a civil partnership.

At common law a marriage between persons of the same sex was void ab initio.

In 1680, Arabella Hunt married "James Howard"; in 1682 the marriage was annulled on the ground that Howard was in fact Amy Poulter, a 'perfect woman in all her parts', and two women could not validly marry. Hyde and Woodmansee (a case of polygamy), Lord Penzance's judgment began "Marriage as understood in Christendom is the voluntary union for life of one man and one woman, to the exclusion of all others." In Talbot (otherwise Poyntz) v.

Swire pledged that the department would "identify other organisations which can provide support to LGBT travellers, to ensure that the relevant information is more easily accessible to staff and British nationals", and to "review the resources available on our web page".

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