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If this is important to you (and really it shouldn't be as you still get really sexy chat without the performers getting nude) you'll have to check out such details beforehand to avoid potential disappointment.Most performers will get topless and respond to any reasonable requests if you can make yourself heard over the other members.

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You can find out all about them through their biopages, or refer to the model directory.

This gives the details of all performers registered on the site.

A lot of the chat rooms use HQ video streams and pay special attention to things like correct lighting, which, notwithstanding technical details, can make the difference between a good and bad performance.

The chat is by far the strongest feature on the site.

If you like a little variety then you should enjoy what's on offer here.

The only drawback was that there were only 33 performers online at the time of the review, which narrows down your options significantly.American Express has added a new live video chat feature to its i Pad application, pointing to the importance of real-time communication with consumers on mobile.The feature lets eligible card members chat with a Customer Care Professional when they are connected to Wi-Fi.The technology for the feature is powered by Cisco and lets the video chat take place directly in the app without requiring the user to exit to browser or another app.It also means that customer service agents can have access to the consumer’s actions in the app so that the consumer does not have to start from the beginning and explain the problem.Allowing app users to immediately connect with customer service takes the Amex i Pad experience to the next level of CRM.“ Over the last several years we’ve been on a journey to bring the power of personality and human interaction back to servicing,” said Daniel Clayton, manager of public affairs and communications at American Express, New York.

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