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Go ahead and clone the repo and I’ll walk you through how to set everything up in the following steps.

This will do the trick: Tutorial on Instructables: Also made by IBM Research.

For this tutorial, we’re going to power TJBot with APIs from Watson Developer Cloud.

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I found this tutorial to be very helpful in the beginning.

If you need more detail in some of these earlier steps, you might be able to find additional information there.

This project requires quite a number of Watson APIs, 4 to be exact, so rather than throwing them all together at once, I’ve broken down the process by API before putting them together.

So here’s an overview of what we’re doing: version 4.4.5 (we use arrow functions)Code: All the code you need can be found in this repository.

”You: “I’m having nightmares.”TJBot: “Don’t be scared. This too shall pass.”Here a video of TJBot in action: But you say, “Josh, it’s silly to share my precious feelings with a cardboard robot.” Well I beg to differ.

First of all, I promise you that unlike most humans, TJBot won’t judge you no matter what you say.Once you have the services created and your credentials gathered in one place, it’s time to complete the configuration file.If you’ve cloned the repository, you’ll see a js file.- Go to the store and buy her the sports outfit - Visit your office uptown. Part 1 of this tutorial will walk you through the software of the chatbot.Also check here for more detailed steps on creating credentials on Bluemix.

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