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I do like him and have developed strong feelings too and my heart is saying give it ago despite what I have read, my opinion as I stand is a british guy is no better neithe I undestand the feelings you have for him. But it's up to you to realize what that means and there is more to real, stable love than an elusive infatuation.Well, let's face it: a lot of Western men are pretty lousy when it comes to women.and I was sceptical at first as I tried it once before and had a Nigerian scammer which I spotted straight away and because I confronted him he told sent me pics of who he was and why.

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So…are you trying to say the fact that people from other countries come the UK makes your relationship more real?

Because i read such diabolical stuff which clearly is also stereotyping them this has made it harder for these people to be able to be respected, out of the population of the area..

He speaks of times he went out and ended up loosing his direction and ending up in different places especially when he had drank alcohol, There's no reason to dispute that content (unless he means while in Egypt), but I wonder if he's trying to get you to feel sorry for him.

This guy left Egypt 10 yrs ago and made a life in England no different to any other person be it Indian, Italian, Phillipines etc, and would go back to Egypt on annual leave to see his family, well who wouldnt.

It's done more so to get you to feel like you have to give it by guilting you into it.

If anything Im having a hard time time to find fault as I have had respect and never had that before, nothing he says is of doubt.

What I can tell you is change any of the posts you read on here from man to woman, Muslim to secular, Egyptian to American or Russian, and you'd describe some of the scams and lies myself and other Western men have gone through. Divorced women who are 40-60 thinking that an on-line relationship with a man who is 25-30 from another country with different values is real.

This is a very lucrative and frankly successful business because they keep on coming and coming and pounding away. It's the same way with First World men who are 45-65 and think that a Russian or Asian woman in her early twenties who could win town princess in most cities is seriously interested and in love with a balding, shrinking, pot-bellied man after a week or two of in person dating and mostly on-line interaction.

If nothing he said was of doubt, you wouldn't be on here running this by us. You're a woman with feminine instincts that help you uncover male nonsense! Because he's not English and you like the idea of being with someone different?

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