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Statistical analyses were conducted using logistic regression.Results: Severe psychological distress was reported by 202 (34.3%) out of 589 participants (86.2% male; 76.6% ≥ 30y.o.).Conclusions:: Interventions to prevent HIV/STD transmission among crack‐smoking sex workers are urgently needed.

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Methods: Individuals who either smoked or injected cocaine were recruited in community-based and addiction treatment programs located in downtown Montreal.

Participants were asked to complete an interviewer-administered questionnaire assessing psychological distress based on the Kessler scale (K10).

Data were drawn from a prospective cohort of street-based SWs (2006--2008), restricted to those who smoke crack cocaine.

Multivariable generalized estimating equations (GEE) were employed to examine the correlates of exchanging sex for crack.

Most sex workers initiated sex work before they first smoked crack.

More than 25% were infected with HIV (27.9%), syphilis (37.5%), or herpes simplex virus type 2 (66.8%).We did not apply any restrictions on date of publication.We included 14 studies from 1987 to 2013 that reported HIV prevalence for a total of 3975 adult female sex workers.These results suggest differential psychological mechanisms according to sharing practices.They also support the importance of screening for psychological distress in order to implement adequate preventive interventions aimed at cocaine users.The prevalence of sharing was: 14.8% for needles, 24.9% for other injection equipment (378 injectors) and 68.3% for smoking material (508 smokers).

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