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The French are Europe's least enthusiastic texters, sending on average 20 per user each month.Typically text messages are limited to 160 characters.

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Sms chat free sex uk

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On New Year's Day 2003, the number of text messages sent in one day topped 100 million for the first time.

Now we send more than 7 trillion texts every year - that's more than 200,000 a second.

UK mobile phone companies didn't think people would want to type in a message when they could simply speak. Texting took off in 1999, when it first became possible to text across rival mobile phone networks.

Crucially the phones were also becoming affordable for teenagers.

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The idea for texting is said to have come from pagers, which were capable only of receiving numbers.

However recent figures show that texting may have peaked in the US where for the first time there's been a fall in messages sent.

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