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Criminalization of the voluntary, commercial exchange of sexual services among adults, as in the case of consensual sex work by adults, is also incompatible with the right to privacy, including personal autonomy.

President Jakaya Kikwete should publicly condemn police abuse, discrimination in health care, and all other forms of discrimination against sex workers, people who use drugs, and LGBTI people, Human Rights Watch and WASO said.

These approach has had limited success because of failure to factor in the young person's family context, and the influence of parents.

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The police and the Health and Social Welfare Ministry should provide services for all who require them.

The parliaments of Tanzania and Zanzibar should decriminalize same-sex conduct and sex work involving consenting adults, and review drug laws to ensure that they are consistent with human rights.

Members of most at-risk populations are also denied access to information about HIV.

Public awareness campaigns on HIV almost exclusively target heterosexual couples.

The communication was mainly on same sex basis (mother-daughter and rarely father-son or father-daughter) and took the form of warnings, threats and physical discipline.

Communication was triggered by seeing or hearing something a parent perceived negative and would not like their child to experience (such as a death attributable to HIV and unmarried young person's pregnancy).

Tanzanian police tortured Musa E., a 22-year-old former heroin user in Mbeya, in 2009, and regularly harass Christian B., a 22-year-old gay man.

Isolated from society, the two men rely on each other for support.

The organizations found that the fear of abuse is driving sex workers, people who use drugs, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people away from prevention and treatment services.

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