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Abraham was seen taking pills before lying on the bed with his back to the camera.

A member of the forum under the name Candy Junkie, he had apparently threatened to commit suicide before.

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I used to think of my failure as some mystical way of telling me that I was really meant for something meaningful.

The only thing I dread, besides the pain, is the way my family will suffer.

Biggs's friends have posted 'RIP' messages on his My Space page, with some still asking him to pick up his phone, and others changing their statuses to 'devastated'.

The teen described himself as a 'good hearted guy' on his social networking profile.

A teenager committed suicide live on the internet, egged on by others who had logged on to see him do it.

Abraham Biggs, 19, told users on a bodybuilding site he would kill himself that night and invited them to watch the live video.

On Wednesday, he went to the forum and detailed the amount of drugs he was going to take.

He posted his suicide note on another forum, saying he hated himself for being a failure. I have let everyone down and I feel as though I will never change or never improve,' he said.

I do not want my mother or father to think that it was anything they did that lead me to kill myself. I thought that I would not be able to describe why I want to do this and I am right. I am tired of people always telling me that they do not like me. I hope that someone finds this post and I hope that my parents know that I f****d up not them. The hate that rages within me, rages not for those I love so dearly or those who have crossed my path. I have long forgiven those who've hurt me, but I have not and cannot come to terms to forgive myself for the things I have done to myself, and the things I've done to hurt those in my life.

There is no way to tell you or anyone else why I dread every new day. I have a job but I'm always broke and I am in college but barely, I show up to class but that's about it. You have all touched my life in one way or another, especially those whom I call family.

'I care a lot about my friends and my family and I would do almost anything for them,' he said.

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