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So we went into our room (beside his) trying not to make too much noise.

But when we were in there, we heard another male voice moaning...

Make sure that no matter what, you are always supportive of your son.

If he is under the age of 17, then you need to talk to him about the dangers of sex and how he shouldn't be having sex at such a young age.

If he is 17 or over, then you need to acknowledge that he is old enough to make his own decisions about who to have sex with, but that you feel uncomfortable with his having sex in your house while you are away.

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I haven’t spoken to my son yet as im working out what to say. His dad is crazy Thanks I think that pretty much every other answerer has overreacted.

Im just disgusted at my husband and im thinking of not letting him near my house or my son again... I probably would have freaked out too if I came home and found my son having sex (with a girl or boy) and probably would have interrupted them.

My husband then arrived back saying “i cant swallow this” and just left.

He called my son every name under the sun before leaving.

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