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We will now take a much needed break to rest up return at some point in the future.We have a bunch of vids to edit from our final party to share with you so please be on the lookout for them. To me it seems couples whom enjoy a good threesome by adding a single male or female playmate into their sexual mix would have an easier time than a full swap couple.They’re set in homes, night clubs, dance halls, and more and can range in size from four people to hundreds.

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Our regulars also made sure to take first timers under their wings speaking with them and many times break them in to the swinglifestyle.

What could be said about the ice breaker games, they we're wild yet controlled, sexy but not to intimidating.

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Over all I felt it was more of a frustration than a positive improvement to our relationship. Its just easier for one person to get along with a couple than for two people.

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My curiosity was risen after an experience I had with a an ex girlfriend. Trying to find the right couple, then setting a date that worked for all of us. The better strategy seems to be to find a group of like-minded friends, have a party and then whoever wants to play can play, meaning you don't have to play with partners from the same couple.

For a short time we considered swinging but it was more challenging then we expected. Later when we wanted to try taking it to the next level we found that some couples we considered meeting in person turned out that they weren't very serious or just plain flakes. It was either one of us was into the couple and the other wasn't. We found that one part of the couples would be super hot and the other not so much. When you do (as a couple) click with another couple though, it can be magical!

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