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WHY AGE MAKES Lf TTl E DIFFERENCE IN VOCABULARY BUILDING I repeat, no matter what yow present age.

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^2^[^Jb^aff L Right up to seju Uly the t theories, concepts^ information, knowledge, understanding — call it what yoa will, Words are ilw? 1 3- Docs a misogynist enjoy female YES NO YES m oocupani Q!

symbols of knowledge, tlie keys Lo accurate thinking, [s it any winder then that the most successful and intel- ligent people in this country have the biggest vocabularies?

(Tnat is why vocabulary increases so rapidly for the first twemy years of life and cqmpaia- jlvo*y at a jn ait 's pace thereafter-) - J, %■ Qf^W**- Bur (and follow me closely)— The fact [hat most learnmg is accomplished before the age of twenty does not mean that very little (earning can be achieved be- yond that age.

What is done, by most people and what can be done under proper guidance and motivation are two very, very different things.

It was not their large vocabulariej tbttf made these people suc- cessful and intelligent, but their knowledge. 3, Is a j Mrrfr-l Qaking person f lightening TUB NO 4. YES MO % Is an ttdroit speaker likely to be a YES HO successful lawyer? Is a student of anthrapalogy interested YES HO in primitive tribes? Docs a gynecologist have more male TO TO than female patients? U tnon&gamy the custom in Western YES TO countries? Is a mis&gamfst likely ia show YES MO tendencies toward poly&my?

Knowledge, however, is gained largely through words.

Roland Gclart, in a review of Caroline Pratt s book I Learn from Children, describes this phenomenon as Jo Mows: All normal human (beings are horn with a powerful urpe to learn.

Almost all of Uiem Eo*c this urge, even before they have reached maturity) Tt is only the few .

ttep Tifltwf fmm January 3943 Compel- The extract from "Mind Over Grammar," by Norman Ljwis, is copy- right, 1947. sentence SEN'-tens 1 AU Unusual wards in this copter arc ta-ujihl lb iattr timplt: 1 srf tbe ticcit, xvii (d) Tlit symbol I or I k pronounced eye, to rhyme with high* sigk m* etc -i «° mfl«er where you find It. Except for 0 {or tf)* which is always pronounced as in give, girl get, go, 1, agree e-GREE' 2, pagan PAY'-gsn 3, again a-GEN* [0 77p*t vows! r and are pronounced somewhat differently from the way they are in the Midwest and in the West In New York City, for example, the words below are generally pronounced as follows: orange AHR'-snj t«ll TAWK coffee KAW'~£ee sorority s9-KAUR.'-lee incorrigible n i-K A F \ R'-&*j ^-bai disparage dis-PAR'-flj (A as in HAT) merry MER'-ee (E asm WET) marry MAR J -ee (A as in-HAT) astronaut AS'-lra-sf Lwt' Harry HAR'-ee {A as in HAT) In the Midwest and West, on the other hand, ihc same words axe usually said approximately as follows; orange AWK'^dj talk TOK KOF-ec sorority »*RAWR-*-tee incorrigible disparage dis-PABt'-sj merxy MAIR'-ee mam* MAIR^te astronaut AS'-tra-nof Harry HAl R-ee Nuiliin^ jo r idicaj here that a person brought up in Brooklyn or Ihe Bronx cannot understand a native of Los Angeles or San Francisco— its fu*.t ibnt each one thinks the ether has an ac- cent! - — — monogamy i± mdtm ' ^ r ■ — polyandry KEY : 1 -"Self, 2-odl CTt 3^to t Jini, 4-io hate, 5-ma Bkind, 6-womam, 7-marriagc, 8-ccntcr, 9-rjghtband, I O-^ht hand, ll-Qlit, 12-mak mm QUESTIONS FOR THE AMATEUR r TWOLGGIST Suppose you met the following woods in your reading.

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