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TTT - To the Top Also known as ' Bump' This abbreviation is used to push an aging conversation thread to the top of the recent list.

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Commonly, NSFW is used when users like to forward lewd jokes or crude videos to their friends.

Considering that millions of people read their personal email at work, the NSFW warning is helpful in saving people potential embarassment with their coworkers or supervisor.

FTW - For the Win FTW is an internet expression of enthusiasm.

While there were nastier meanings in previous years, FTW today commonly stands for "For the Win". "FTW" is the same as saying "this is the best" or "this item will make a big difference, I recommend using it"! This is a blunt expression of shock and concerned confusion.

When a person types "back' to announce their return to the computer/phone, the other party types ' WB' to greet the person.

BISLY - But I Still Love You This slang acronym is used as playful affection, often during online arguments or debates.

Somewhat like ' OMG', ' WTF' is used when an alarming event just occurred, or some unexpected and disturbing news was just conveyed. This expression is used in personal conversations where the two parties are well acquainted.

This expression is commonly used to ask for the other person's opinion, or to check for their comfort level with the situation.

LOL - Laughing Out Loud Also: LOLZ - Laughing Out Loud Also: LAWLZ - Laughing Out Loud (in leetspeak spelling)Also: PMSL - P*ssing Myself Laughing Just like ROFL, LOL is used to express spontaneous humour and laughter.

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