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Yesterday critics called for a clampdown on the 'overnight stay' scheme, which they say is a desperate attempt to tackle prison overcrowding.

I guess it takes three offenses for his players to match one for an opponent.

I’ll admit that, like most people, I have a distain for Duke Blue Devils basketball.

Last night her father Timothy, said: 'It makes me feel sick that he has been allowed out to enjoy himself so soon into his sentence.

'I've seen pictures of him on the internet smiling and having a good time and it's heartbreaking.

If we’re going to use that word for players like Draymond Green when they kick people intentionally or play dirty, then it needs to be used for the latest entitled Blue Devil.

It’s not surprising though that it took THREE TIMES WHERE ALLEN INTENTIONALLY TRIED TO HURT AN OPPONENT before holier than thou Coach K did something.We will never forgive him for what he's done and for helping to take Carolyn away from us.' Briggs has even been able to start a relationship with Chrissy Foster, the young student in this photo.She is said to believe that he was given an 'unfair' trial.No, the crime of tripping someone during the game isn’t the same as punching a female student in the face or committing criminal assault or other crimes – but Allen has clearly shown that he has no regard for the rules of the game or the safety of those he is playing.2d - FSU Basketball: Blowout Tourney Loss a Possible Preview of Next Season2d - NCAA Tournament: Fans React To Blowout Loss Against Xavier2d - FSU Womens Basketball Continues Tournament Run Against Missouri3d - FSU Basketball Recap: Season Ends As Noles Get Destroyed by Xavier3d - NCAA Tournament: Basketball Will Never Top Football as Top Sport in Florida After being called for a technical foul in the game Wednesday, Allen went to the Blue Devils’ bench and proceeded to throw a hissy fit the likes of which a six year old would do.Immediately, commentators began to say it was a sign he needs some kind of help to deal with his problems.He is just three-and-a-half years into his nine-year sentence for helping to arrange the death of a teenage girl.

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