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Boosting your score If you want to improve your score, here’s how: • Pay all your bills on time.

• Use credit regularly but keep balances below 30% of your charge limit.

As if this wasn’t reason enough to take your credit score seriously, these numbers carry weight in many other areas too.

Although these don’t show your score, they’ll alert you to any problems so you can take steps to correct them.

To order reports visit Annual Credit or call 877-322-8228.

People seem to be talking about credit scores a lot these days.

But what exactly are they, and why are they so important?

Each bureau has its own methods, so the three numbers may not be identical.

Key factors Five basic elements go in to calculating credit scores: • 35% is based on payment history.

Employers also may consider credit scores when hiring.

Insurers and vacation-rental agencies may offer the lowest rates and best deals to those with higher scores.

• 30% comes from your total debt compared with your available credit.

• 15% is determined by the length of your credit history.

Date Hookup's criteria include hair and eye color, education, personality (shy or outgoing) and occupation.

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