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“Once in the United States, victims were allegedly placed in houses of prostitution, where they were forced to work long hours — often all day, every day,” the Department of Justice said in a statement.“The women were not allowed to leave the prostitution houses unless accompanied by a member of the criminal organization.” In Minneapolis, authorities started investigating after they noticed Thai women getting transported to hotels and apartments all over the city, the Star Tribune reported.The disgraced striker, 26, had served half of a five-year jail sentence for raping a 19-year-old woman after a night out on the town.

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Visa fraud In addition to the trafficking accusations, the document alleges, the suspects also obtained fraudulent visas and travel documents to speed up the victims’ relocation.

Authorities detailed an intricate operation that used nicknames to refer to the various players involved in the trade.

They used fraudulent means to obtain visas for the women’s relocation to major cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Department of Justice alleges.

‘Forced to work long hours’ In Minneapolis, their alleged activities raised red flags.

The video of the unnamed footballer and the woman, understood to be in her late 20s, is said to have been shot on mobile phones before being shared around the dressing room.

It was taken by players who filmed the tryst over the top of a toilet cubicle at an exclusive venue in Manchester.

However he was found guilty by a jury at Caernarfon Crown Court, which heard his friends had filmed him having sex with the drunk woman through a window.

Last week the footballer submitted new evidence he believes will help a bid to overturn his rape conviction, which is being re-examined by the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

“The 17 people charged in this indictment ran a highly sophisticated sex trafficking scheme,” said US Attorney Andrew Luger of the District of Minnesota.

“They promised women in Thailand a chance at the American dream, but instead exploited them, coerced them and forced them to live a nightmare.

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