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Zac Harris, the founder and CEO of Prelim — a tech-focused real estate service — knows that buying a home can be a massive undertaking.

He purchased his first home last October, and he describes the process as “a huge headache.” “There was so much paperwork and back-and-forth,” he said.

“But I felt like I did a lot of the groundwork myself.

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Buyers can use the website to save homes they like, book viewings online, and even schedule virtual walkthroughs via Skype or Periscope if they’re moving to Champaign County from another area.

Sellers, meanwhile, can use the site to see and evaluate every offer on their home.

According to Harris, Prelim’s efficiency makes it possible for all buyers who work with the site to get a rebate of 1% off the purchase price of a home.

Harris has seen the inefficiency of real estate from the inside.

” Prelim, Harris’s new venture, sets out to solve that problem.

He describes Prelim as a “real estate brokerage with tech components.” The website handles every aspect of real estate transactions, from helping buyers get preapproved to executing contracts.

We’re not from out of state; our offices are in Urbana.

and co-founder and general partner of Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

“Real estate is not a very transparent industry,” said Harris.

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