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Live Chat is completely confidential; you can communicate with one or several ladies one on one.

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To switch back to Live Chat Video mode you are welcome to press Start Live Video button; and the live video of your lady will start playing automatically. 2-way Live Video Chat is an additional option that allows ladies to see you in Live Video Chat.

It gives you a fantastic opportunity to show yourself to the lady of your dreams, to get closer to each other and to enhance your chances of impressing the lady, to express your feelings and to start and develop a serious and long-lasting relationship!

Yes, you can start sharing your live video with any number of ladies you wish.

In this case, all the ladies you are communicating with in 2-way Live Video Chat will see one and the same live video translated by your camera.

Now, start your regular chat session and the live video of the lady will be automatically launched and will start playing for you to see how beautiful and gorgeous she is!

Should I dress up and wear anything special for Live Video Chat session? Live Video Chat is the option that allows you to see your lady while the lady will be unable to see you, even if you have you web camera connected to your PC. When your lady is online, her web camera is connected to her PC and the icon appears in the upper left corner of her profile picture, you are welcome to invite the lady to start Live Video Chat session with you. When your lady accepts the invitation, enters chat, and allows the web camera to play her video for you, the live video of the lady will start playing automatically in the launched chat window.

and has her web camera connected to her PC, you will see the icon in the upper left corner of her profile picture.

If the icon appears, the lady is available for a video chat as well as 2-way Live Video Chat.

When do I get charged if a lady invites me to a Live Chat? It costs 1 credit (under new credit system) for one minute of online conversation. To end Live Chat just click button in Live Chat window, or simply close Live Chat window, and your session will be finished. Live Video Chat is an additional option that gives you a thrilling opportunity to see the live video of the lady you are currently chatting in Live Chat with.

If the lady is first to invite you to Live Chat by sending her first message to you, you will be charged since the moment you accept the lady's invitation to chat with you by clicking button on the pop-up window with lady's invitation that appears in the lower right corner of behappy2web page. We are happy to invite you to experience the fascinating world of Live Chat at! Thus apart from reading what she writes you being online in Live Chat, you will see her face, smile and reactions!

Thus, till the moment the lady allows her web camera to play her live video for you, you will not see the live video of the lady and you will be using Live Chat mode (text, no video) of the current chat session.

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