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I grow my own vegetables to be able to tell a story from the grain to the plate…and to be able to combine the chef’s touch with that of the gardener, two passionate professions!

Every Monday morning, you will received an email indicating the opening of the sale.

To order your basket, send an email at : [email protected] will confirm your order by return mail.

In 2002, the first vegetable garden was put together in Fillé sur Sarthe.

In 2008, the second vegetable garden was set up in Buis-sur-Damville.

The Windows are glass waves made by Bernard Pictet that contrast with the transparency of a venetian glaze and seem to play with daylight.

One of the Chef’s collages called “ Green curry Aubergine” served as inspiration for a stain glass window that welcomes guests and reigns by its superb intense colors over this temple of Vegetable cuisine.Alain Passard creates much like a fashion designer, only serving his guests with produce from his gardens.He exposes himself to the hazards of nature, and insists on serving only natural, strong and pure products.Then shortly after, Alain Passard patented the “Bouquet de roses” apple tart, a tart that honours both the flower and the fruit.The dishes that Alain Passard creates have a certain poetic mystery and an obvious enigma; they are always set to music, fugues, arias, sonatas, concertos, oratorios – They are symphonies around the products.In 1996, he obtained a third Michelin star and this year in 2016 he shall be celebrating the 30th anniversary of his restaurant! A third star in 1996, only ten years after the opening of the restaurant.

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