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The Crab Bank Pelicam– the only live webcam of pelicans in existence—makes it possible for people around the world to witness this remarkable drama of birth and regeneration.” “Located just offshore of Mount Pleasant in Charleston Harbor, within paddling distance of Shem Creek, is a tiny island and bird sanctuary called Crab Bank.

Originally a large sand bar, Crab Bank was officially an island by the 1950s, thanks to the continued addition of dredge spoils from Shem Creek.

Travel the rolling green hills of Upstate New York to Farm Sanctuary, a peaceful home for over 500 rescued farm animals.

There are a couple other high tech cameras that have been in the news lately and which will enhance your stay at one of our beach rentals Charleston, especially if you happen to be in one of our Isle of Palms luxury rentals.

First off, the good folks at the South Carolina Department of Transportation have installed a camera at the island’s one traffic light/intersection that streams live video, showing the traffic coming on and off the Isle of Palms Connector.

By the late 1970s, enough height built up on the Bank to prevent overwashing, allowing the first documented seabird nesting at the site.

Though it cyclically erodes and accretes, Crab Bank consistently offers ideal habitat for a seabird colony.” Here’s a link to the Pelicam itself, where you can sign up for updates on what’s happening with the pelicans: So check out those cool cams…

​But what do you do after the eagles have left the nest? In fact, there a few from the Explore You Tube channel.

And if a tree stands in Seattle after a man has left it, is anyone around to watch it? As I write this, there are some cuties napping in their little beds.

Our live cams bring you into their pastures and barns to watch these animals, each with its own true tale of survival.

Since 1986, Farm Sanctuary has given lifelong care to animals rescued from mistreatment and exploitation.

As I mentioned in that last BLOG, if you’re headed to a Charleston beach house, keep an eye peeled for cameras.

There’s a slew of them along Johnnie Dodds that thankfully are NOT for giving tickets but instead to improve the traffic flow and the timing of stoplights.

They have cooperated to launch livestreaming video of pelicans nesting at Crab Bank near Shem Creek in Charleston Harbor.

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