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Scott figured she could, he believed in her, he knew she could be a hardcore bestiality slut!

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Mila wasn't exactly sure she wanted to take the horse, mostly out of fear for her vagina! I'll rig up some kind of apparatus for you so the horse doesn't hurt you," said Scott. Scott moved down between her legs, looking up at her as he began lapping his sperm from her cunthole.

"Hmmm, I dunno, honey..." said Mila, looking up at Scott. He loved the combined taste of their cum as it oozed out of her.

Scott helped his parents around the house and yard when he came over, and Mila always helped Lily with some chores and cooking.

Rich and Lily knew their guests were sneaking down to the basement to fuck around -- they could hear Mila's moans through the floorboards while they watched their granddaughter dance around and play happily in the living room.

She'd listened to him talk about all kinds of bestiality, including his own attempts to fuck his female dog, ever since the beginning of their relationship, but thus far he had yet to suggest that she fuck other creatures aside from dogs.

One night, after Scott had just plowed into Mila from behind, dumping his seed in her womb, they lay together and he began telling her of his fantasies to see her take a horse cock in her cunt.Scott had grown up on sprawling farmlands, and his mother and father still owned a few horses.They also had a few chickens and roosters, and a big friendly old chocolate Labrador Retriever named Jinx.For months Scott had been fantasizing about coaxing Mila into trying some horse cock.His brother had a girlfriend years ago who would regularly fuck one of their horses.Mila loved having her pick of male dogs to fuck her everyday -- she often did all three male dogs in one night, plus her husband!

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