Aa and dating

"No where in the Big Book is it suggested that a man and woman should not endulge in a early recovery relationship..."But then the Big Book was published in the 1930's when AA was predominately carried by men to men.

The few women they carried the message to, were not the youth we have today in our rooms.

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Imo, relationships are the single greatest factor in relapses of those with time in the program, but that's a different subject.

When relationships end or end badly, it's a very slippery time when the alcoholic is engulfed in self pitty, anger, shame, rejection, abandonment.

Those directions, (not suggestions) really worked well for me, never had one in early recovery, and never wanted one...... had a problem with "13-Stepping." If you don't believe me, look it up on some of the websites about the history of AA that are not AA-approved. We can fool ourselves pretty well about our intentions, too.

Viewed a relationship with any man, then, as just another Band aide, and was keeping all Band aids off, Alcohol, drugs, and Men. A new relationship in early recovery is a slippery slope for both parties.

They look to them to fullfill their needs and become dependent.

The relationships become addicting and sobriety falls by the wayside.In the early days of AAthey were 45-60 years old, worn out by the alcoholic life of 20 years, many were found homeless on the streets whena handful of AA's would go out on them to find a drunk to "carry the message to".And in over 70 years, we have developed the "collective wisdom" of the whole.They may not drink but because they switched addictions, they're not getting sober either.These are general comments not meaning to accuse or offend.I really do believe tho however that dating within AA is an outside issue.

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