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On the other hand, I have a Chilean buddy in Miami, and he is a fucking riot, great guy to hang out with as he is funny as fuck, and can make any situation funny!Mixx They put out, I agree, I just don't see why you would take it - their like plain, boring and just blah...That town is an one hour from Guayaquil, and it's really sick.

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About dating chile

Lots of hot and drunk chicks willing to do anything. But if you wanna bang some chilean girl, that's a different matter.

You might make out with them at clubs, but having sex with them is pretty mlookuch out of the question unless you're brad pitt or they're absolutely drunk.

I compare Chilean women to eating stale, soggy cereal.

if you're starving, and about to die, its a welcome treat, but......

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Hi, am from chile, I speakspanish and some english I work and I love my job, am friendly easygoing, I loveand too love animals. I am looking for a simple, educated, respectful, faithful woman who I am a career driven person with integrity and honesty, I am an educationist that loves impacting Knowledge to people and the best work i love so much is service to humanity. PS: I would totaly recommend you Montanitas, Ecuador.That town is an one hour from Guayaquil, and it's really sick. Chilean girls like "gringos", and by gringo i mean a white guy from north america (the us and canada) or maybe an european one. If you wanna get to know Santiago, i think is a good option, because you are one hour away from the beach, or one hour ago from the snow resorts.I'm planning to go to Colombia This March, anda now I'm thinking I should make a pit stop over in Chile before/ after I go to Col.If any of u guys have some info on Chile tell me about it.And our spanish is hard to understand (even to people from argentina or uruguay). Of course that you'll find hot chicks, but they're hard to bang, not to make out with.

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