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Classical décor and flat-screen TVs are featured in the Premier Palace’s spacious rooms and suites.Bathrobes and luxury toiletries are available in the bathrooms.

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Those seemingly unlikely stamps were inviting enough to in recent years attract leading Australian Philatelist, Geoff Kellow, to take up collecting Sierra Leone QEII stamps and their usage (to 1971 Republic). This appears to be late use of the UNICEF stamps but came from the Bank of Tonga and is no doubt commercial. Another late usage, in 1980, the envelope is a ‘P & O’ generic suggesting the writer was a cruise tourist. I’m one who does like these stamps, used on commercial articles only , and find the vibrant, often outrageous designs rather appropriate for the ‘Friendly Islands’ in tropical paradise.

Geoff is probably better known as editor of Brusden-White’s ACSC series than he is as a specialist in Sierra Leone, although in that capacity he has elevated his collection (expanded to include KGVI issues) to National exhibition status. The bank may have maintained its own stamp stocks for indiscriminate use, or perhaps stocks of this stamp (amongst others – see Figures 7 and 9) languished unsold at the G. If I didn’t already have enough on my Philatelic plate I’d not hesitate to collect modern Tongan commercial covers. He founded Rodney A Perry Auction Galleries (now Millennium Philatelic Auctions) in 1971.

In Europe - including UK, Ireland and all other EEC countries, it is 60.

In Bermuda, it is 65 for both women and men and unless one is disabled, one cannot get a Special Persons ID card (the local equivalent of a Senior Citizens Card or Old Age Pensioners' Card) until you are 65.

These 35% live below the poverty line, at least $2,000 less than the Bermuda poverty line (incomes of $27,000 or less for one-person income households by Government).

(In the UK, the poverty line is 151 a week, according to the UK's National Pensioners Convention).

The historic Premier Palace Hotel features 8 stylish restaurants and bars, serving a wide range of gourmet international cuisine.

Live music takes place at the hotel’s cabaret lounge.

Tealtralna and Ploscha Lva Tolstoho Metro Stations are just 950 feet away, providing connections to all parts of Kiev.

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