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Please also complete the Special Educational Needs Declaration Form.

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According to the terminology used in the industry: “Level 1” students — those who are dependent handicapped, deaf or blind — are entitled to $36,600 annually in additional funding.

“Level 2” students — those with moderate to profound intellectual disabilities, those who are physically disabled, those with chronic health impairments, are visually impaired, deaf or hearing impaired, or autistic — are entitled to $18,300 in additional funding.

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Lori held him back a year to give him the best chance, but by the time he started Grade 1, he was at the very bottom of his reading group.

The teacher told Lori to give him time to catch up, but Lori knew it was a learning disability preventing her son from keeping pace with the other students.

A greater need exists to provide accommodations in the classroom to facilitate more successful classroom placements and educational performance.

Educators need this information to effectively design and present instruction to those students displaying characteristics of mood disorders.

With the pressure of No Child Left Behind and state-ordered accountability initiatives building, local educators' angst with the challenges of documenting improvement on the part of special education students, as a function of their performance on high stakes content assessments, continues to grow.

One major tool used to identify academic needs and provide support is the Individual Education Plan, a model bolstered through the selection of accommodations particular to the individual student. What proof might be provided that they have been implemented successfully?

However, the system which is implemented to achieve this must be least intrusive for those who will use it so that it doesn't suffer from reduced implementation fidelity.

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