Interactive sexchat game - Accommodating religion in the workplace

Given the number of employed persons and the variety of religious faiths in this country, and the freedom we enjoy to express our views, the subject of religious discrimination continues to pose tough questions for employers and the courts.Because of our country's great diversity, employers may hire employees from a great variety of countries and religious backgrounds.

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The courts have found undue hardship to the employer because of morale problems that arose when fellow employees resented having to work on Saturdays and because the employer would have had to pay higher wages to fill the employee's vacancy.

Holy days: Employees have had more success in cases involving special leave to observe holy days or attend religious activities that weren't regular and frequent.

What happens when both the employer and the employee suggest reasonable accommodations?

The courts have held that the employer has the choice when there's more than one option.

Transfers and job changes also are options if they don't cause reduced efficiency or other disruptions.

While technically not required to do so, an employer should always offer accommodation suggestions before claiming undue hardship.

In recent years, Sabbath cases that have reached the courts have presented difficulties for employees seeking preferential treatment.

Many employees asking to be excused from work on Saturday have been unsuccessful for a numbers of reasons.

Without such notification, an employer can legally discharge an employee for excessive absences from work, even if it's later determined that the absences were for religious purposes.

Sabbath: Several religions observe the Sabbath as a day when followers can't perform work.

If such an agreement exists, its provisions will govern any dispute.

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