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These buddies should be strong students who will help the student next to the buddy so that the buddy can guide the student and answer questions at any point in the class in as unobtrusive a manner as possible.

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Knowing one-digit facts is important, but work with paper and pencil algorithms should not be emphasized, since calculations can be done with calculators if memory or sequencing is a problem.

Estimation strategies are often taught as mental computations skills are developed.

A carefully developed multidisciplinary approach will make classroom instruction meaningful for students.

Since reading is central to learning, children who do not learn to read by the second grade are likely to struggle with learning throughout their lives.

At the elementary school level, do not give the student an English name to make it easier for you or the rest of the class to remember or to pronounce.

At the middle school and high school levels, some It is good to say something in clear, concise English; it is even better to have a picture or visual to use while you are speaking that reinforces what you are saying.While the majority of a student’s program should be as closely aligned with the general education curriculum as possible, some accommodations and modifications may be necessary.Listed below are some suggested ways to aid students with specific learning disabilities (SLD) learn more effectively at home or at school. Good teaching in all subject areas is employing basic techniques that assist all students in learning.There is no doubt that instructional delivery becomes more of a challenge when there are students whose native language is not English.Teachers should also refrain from using slang Language learners rely on both verbal and nonverbal cues.

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