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Many of you have to prepare a food representative of your state. If you need more information (looking for state foods connected with a particular period/people? Around 1700, two French brothers...established an all-male settlement..Mobile, Alabama..after arriving..young women staged a petticoat rebellion against the crude food of the settlement, which mainly consisted of game, fish, wild plants, and berries...

In 1719 slaves came to the Mobile Bay settlement and added African cooking techniques, seasonings, and sauces to their owners' recipes.

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We also offer Free Search Engine Submission and lots of Free Tools for your website.Our notes, like state foods, are a reflection of the people who land on our site. Alabama's culinary heritage is a testament to hard-working people with a healthy appetite for tasty food: "The first Europeans to visit Alabama were Spanish seamen in 1505...Most of our state food questions are generated by elementary/secondary students working on state reports. They reported that the Indians feasted on wild turkey, game, fish, melons, and squash. All the directories on this list meet the search engine friendly requirements for Directories Database.We encourage all our visitors to rate the directories they submit to.While there is no cost to get your directory listed on our lists, we would appreciate that if approved, you do keep your directory updated and well maintained.

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