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The handbook has been structured to help promote student progress, as well as an interest of modeling appropriate school government.In addition, this handbook provides for the physical safety of the students through appropriate rules and regulations.

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The IEP team will decide which behavior intervention strategies are most appropriate for the student.

Unless the IEP team specifically devises a behavior management plan that differs from the school’s customary discipline policies, those policies shall apply, and may include the use of “restrictive” and/or “non-restrictive” interventions.

Where a student’s disability prevents him/her from conforming to school rules and expectations, special considerations and procedures will be employed.

A fundamental principle of this policy is that “non-restrictive” interventions – positive interventions designed to develop and strengthen desirable behaviors – shall be emphasized, and are preferable to the use of “restrictive” interventions.

When determining the response for a specific breech of discipline, school personnel will consider the nature of the act, the student’s previous history, his/her age and maturation, any mitigating circumstances, and the effect of his/her actions on the welfare of the school community.

Disciplinary responses may include, but are not limited to, the actions described in this handbook.The IEP can only be revised and an IEP meeting can only be convened with proper notification to parents and appropriate staff.Requirements for the Creation of a Behavioral Intervention Plan Any student receiving special education services will require a behavior management plan as part of the IEP (Individualized Education Program) when his/her disability causes the student significant difficulty behaving appropriately.Your cooperation and support will help ensure a safe and effective learning environment for the students at Chebanse Elementary School.This handbook is not intended to create a contractual relationship with the student; rather, it is intended to describe the school, its current practices, procedures, rules, and regulations (or code of conduct).SCHOOL INFORMATION ATTENDANCE: (815)697-2876 ABSENCES – Regular attendance is essential to a student’s success in school.

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