Airline guitar dating

This guitar had been specially made for him by luthier Antonio Marin Montero of Granada, Spain, using old panels of spruce wood given to Izquierdo by guitar maker Federico Sheppard.

The guitar was completed at the end of June 2013 and, shockingly, the damage occurred less than three months later.

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We don’t use that grade of glue for the guitar but that is an idea of how strong it is.

Also, every time you heat and reheat hide glue, it lessens in strength.

Luthier Richard Bruné, who is based in Evanston, Illinois, recently repaired guitarist Rene Izquierdo’s Antonio Marin Montero guitar, broken by Hong Kong Airlines baggage handlers after Izquierdo’s third concert of a 15-concert tour through Asia.

Bruné has done restoration work on many priceless historical instruments, including Agustín Barrios’ 1927 Simplicio guitar, Julian Bream’s lute made by David Rubio, Charlie Byrd’s guitar and Marie Antoinette’s guitar.

“Because I replicated the head veneers of this guitar to make it look like the original, it took me approximately 9-10 hours of labor and that includes all the finish and touch-up on the French polish.

Marin did send me back a very nice email in response to the photos. “I actually saw the guitar again about a month ago.

He went on to collaborate with French maker, Robert Bouchet, whose guitars were performed by the Presti-Lagoya Duo.

“Classical guitar headstocks are grafted onto the neck at an angle.

Rene dropped by the shop and I looked at the guitar to check it over. You literally cannot see that it was ever broken at all.

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