Akatsuki dating show quiz

[] - I don’t care what you think, Kisame is cool.[] - I’m the top of my class. [Itachi Uchiha Score: ___ ] Kisame Hoshigaki[] - Sharks are awesome!

[] - I like gore [] - I dislike my own appearance.[] - Underwater in the ocean is a beautiful scenery.[] - Once someone gets to know me, I’m a pretty nice person. [] - My natural hair colour is blonde/dirty blonde.

But then again, I might run into someone." She thought this over, but couldn't ignore the grumbling of her stomach. Black is so drab, un." Tsuki whipped around to see a blonde haired boy standing in the doorway.

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You're with Sir Leader (as I call him), the leader of the Akatsuki!

He is by far, the most illusive of the group, except for the people we....havn't.... Deidara also has a habit of saying "un", or translated to ; "yeah" at the end of almost every sentince.

I'm not sure whether she's a girl, or she justs likes dressing like one, but whatever. If I did, things would be very different -cackle- D-----------x Tsuki looked over at her clock. A. "Tsuki had been in the Akatsuki for about two months now, but was still trying to get used to the swing of things. All of the other members were men, even though a certain blonde looked like a girl. After putting in the microwave, she leaned against the cabinets, inspecting her newly painted fingernails.

: DAlso, this is either before or after the blue haired one was in the Akatsuki. Why does this organization make get up so god damn early? She hadn't exactly planned to bring anything along. She grabbed her hairbrush, gently brushing it through her silky purple hair. She slowly walked into the kitchen, grabbing a cup of instant ramen from the cupboard.

SHUT THE HELL UP." Tsuki was fuming now, and that made them stop fighting."Nice job at pissing her off, Deidara.""What?! "If you guys want me so bad, then why don't we make this a game."They all looked at her, now with a curious look in their eyes.

They all just kept arguing over her, like she was some kind of trophy."You guys. They all kept arguing, getting louder and louder."YOU GUYS.

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