Alex bechet and demi lovato dating

He praised Demi Lovato's vocal range on the song saying to Capital FM, "At the beginning she's singing the lowest note she's ever done and by the end she's going as high as she's ever gone." The song was released as the third single from the album Hot 100.

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Demi Lovato co-wrote the song with the Jonas Brothers.

Musically, "Don't Forget" alternates between the brittle opening and a more muscular rock section.

The result was the release of this powerful song about survival.

She initially recorded "Skyscraper" before checking into the treatment facility.

Demi Lovato's voice is less distinctive here than on many of her solo efforts, but "This Is Me" is a memorable singalong pop hit having peaked at #9 on the champion.

However, the breathiness in the vocals makes this distinctively a Demi Lovato song.

It climbed into the top 10 at mainstream pop radio and went all the way to #1 on the dance chart.

It reached the top 30 across adult contemporary, adult pop, and dance ratio.

The album brought Demi Lovato her first Grammy Award nomination, a nod for Best Pop Vocal Album. On a basic level, the words of the song are about defiance in the face of mistreatment by a former lover, but Demi Lovato sees the lyrics of "Really Don't Care" as relating to bullying, particularly of LGBT youth.

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