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The father, meanwhile, gave away four of the surviving children to local families.

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Speculation that Almases may be something other than legendary creatures is based on purported eyewitness accounts, alleged footprint finds, and interpretations of long-standing native traditions that have been anthropologically collected.

Almases appear in the legends of local people, who tell stories of sightings and human-Almas interactions dating back several hundred years.

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Musicians Leon Bisquera, Tony Moore and Roberto Valy will be accompanying me.

The creature is not currently recognized or cataloged by science.Zana is said to have had sexual relations with a man of the village named Edgi Genaba, and gave birth to a number of children of apparently normal human appearance.Several of these children, however, died in infancy.All the creatures are living and observable today." (1983, p.98) Sightings recorded in writing go as far back as the 15th century. He noted that Almasty are part of the Mongolian and Tibetan apothecary's materia medica, along with thousands of other animals and plants that live today. It's the best internet dating experience on the web.

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