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5 — but wait, the second best song of the year, as voted by American Songwriters, was “Codeine,” by Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit.

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“My dad’s in Alaska and hasn’t met him (Jason) yet.

But I swear I was still in shock when I called my mom.”Since then, she said that she has taken her mother’s advice and decided to share a home with Isbell now, rather than wait for their wedding, planned for February in Nashville, Tenn.“It helps to find out in advance if your laundry is going to get along,” explained Shires.

More than one person has wondered if she feels pressure to match “Carrying Lightning.”“Even when I made my last record,” said Shires, “I never felt like I was done.

I knew I had more songs in me.”She has written a number of songs in recent months, and knows three are good enough to be on her next album.

"It occurred to me the thing that broke my heart the most was when I grew up and realized everything wasn't an adventure," he says.

"I got to a certain age and realized I couldn't be Indiana Jones." The former Drive-By Trucker's newfound sobriety, a recurring topic of discussion (and of his exceptional songwriting), may have cost him some of his sense of adventure, but it has undoubtedly focused his attention on his craft.

she released West Cross Timbers and in the same year released Sew Your Heart with Wires, a collaboration with Rod Picott.

Her next solo album, Carrying Lightning was released in 2011, followed by Down Fell The Doves in August 2013 and My Piece of Land in September 2016.

If church felt like the Grand Ole Opry, then everyone would go to church.” Shires concert today■ Attraction: Singer-songwriter and fiddle player Amanda Shires, playing indie country music.■ More: Shires e-mailed, “On guitar, I’ll have the talented songwriter and marathon driver Rod Picott. My old friend and Thrift Store Cowboys member, and Lubbock native, Kris Killingsworth will bang on a tiny drum on a song or two.”■ When: - p.m.

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