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In short, if we take you on as a client, we guarantee you will go out on dates!Dear Abby: I have never had a long-term relationship. I tried online dating and setups by friends and family, but nothing worked out.

They were married on March 1 of 2014, and now it is Amarillo that they both call home.

Occasionally they take a stroll through AC’s Washington Street Campus, where their circuitous romance long ago sprang from Cupid’s bow.

with that being said yes older women are my preference.

Of course the age listed isn't accurate, I am much younger.

Not all of Cupid’s arrows get off on a beeline; some sail circuitously. When Richard Donaldson first met Parie in 1981, they were newcomers to AC and her name was Pam Jones – she felt switching to Parie Jones would lend a little bounce to her aspirations of becoming a professional dancer. She instead became proprietor of a successful wedding and event-planning business in Amarillo called Parie Designs.

Case in point: Richard and Parie Donaldson, who met at Amarillo College and dated as freshmen, but then parted ways, were unexpectedly reunited more than three decades later and today are closing in on their second wedding anniversary. When Parie (then Pam) first met Richard, she thought he was “snarky” and deemed that feature an attribute – still does. Parie, single once more, returned to Amarillo and opened her event and flower shop.

They know what they're doing, and they do everything for you.

"Being a member of It's Just Lunch is like having trusted friends set you up, but even better, because they're professionals.

“If it wasn’t for Amarillo College we never would have met,” Richard said.

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