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Initially hesitant, Jamie agrees after much persistence from Dylan.

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She confronts Dylan about this, which leads to another argument.

Both begin to do some soul searching trying to come to terms with their feelings about their relationship.

As they both feel the need for a physical connection, they agree to have sex without emotion or commitment.

After several trysts together, Jamie comes to the realization that this is not really what she wants and she would like to start dating again. Jamie meets Parker, an oncologist, and they begin dating.

The following day, Jamie presents Dylan with the contract to sign so she can land her commission for recruiting him.

Not knowing anyone else in the city, he and Jamie quickly develop a strong platonic friendship.While at the airport, his father, in a moment of Alzheimer's-induced confusion, incorrectly recognizes a passer-by as a woman from his past. After regaining his lucidity, his father says that she was a woman he met in the Navy and "the love of my life".He also states that he regrets decisions he made in his youth to let her go.When the moment comes, he catches up with Jamie and tells her how he really feels.Surprised and happy by this turn of events, Jamie tells him to kiss her.One night, they get on the topic of sex and relationships.

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