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Whereas the oboe is the soprano instrument of the oboe family, the cor anglais is generally regarded as the tenor member of the family, and the oboe d'amore—pitched between the two in the key of A—as the alto member.

The cor anglais is perceived to have a more mellow and plaintive tone than the oboe.

Perhaps the best-known makers of modern cors anglais are the French firms of F. The term cor anglais is French for English horn, but the instrument is neither from England nor related to the various conical-bore brass instruments called "horns", such as the French horn, the natural horn, the post horn, or the alto horn.

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Its appearance differs from the oboe in that the reed is attached to a slightly bent metal tube called the bocal, or crook, and the bell has a bulbous shape. The cor anglais is usually notated in the treble clef, a perfect fifth higher than sounding.

Some composers notated it in the bass clef, when the lower register was persistently used, and historically several other options were employed.

The two-keyed, open-belled, straight tenor oboe (French taille de hautbois, "tenor oboe"), and more particularly the flare-belled oboe da caccia, resembled the horns played by angels in religious images of the Middle Ages.

This gave rise in German-speaking central Europe to the Middle High German name engellisches Horn, meaning angelic horn.

From the mid-1930s, Mitch Miller played the instrument in popular radio orchestras and made a number of recordings with the instrument, notably solos on the albums Music Until Midnight (1954) and It's So Peaceful In The Country (1956) with Percy Faith.

Multi-instrumentalist Bill Page performed on the instrument with the Lawrence Welk band from 1951 until 1965.The fingering and playing technique used for the cor anglais are essentially the same as those of the oboe and oboists typically double on the cor anglais when required.The cor anglais normally lacks the lowest B The pear-shaped bell of the cor anglais gives it a more covered timbre than the oboe, closer in tonal quality to the oboe d'amore.Unlike American style oboe reeds, cor anglais reeds typically have wire at the base, approximately 5 mm (0.20 in) from the top of the string used to attach the cane to the staple. Instruments are usually made from African blackwood (aka Grenadilla), although some makers offer instruments in a choice of alternative woods as well, such as cocobolo (Howarth) or violet wood (Lorée), which are said to alter the voice of the cor anglais slightly, reputedly making it even more mellow and warmer.This wire serves to hold the two blades of cane together and stabilize tone and pitch. Fox has recently made some instruments in plastic resin and in maple.While the cane on an oboe reed is mounted on a small metal tube (the staple) partially covered in cork, there is no such cork on a cor anglais reed, which fits directly on the bocal.

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