An unexpected error has occured updating mac american girls dating indians

Symantec has to wait for the extensions to be released by Microsoft. I only threw that in there as im out of options and trying anything to get this stupid product to work. Yes im in the exact same area I was in when I paid for the renewal and the same area ive lived in for years.Has your license been bought in the same area as you are trying to activate it? I have been trying to activate this for over a week now.The product activated fine on my laptop after the renewal, Did you reinstall on the laptop? Run the removal tool and reinstalled countless times.

Hello You said in your Opening Post that NSBU installed and activated ok on your laptop. In your last post, you just mentioned that it installed and activated correctly.

I thought that it was already activated on your laptop? Please remember to run Live Update after install and activate.

There are several versions of the JRE available, the very latest currently available by Oracle is version 8.

This version of Java is currently only compatible with the versions of Liquid Notes and Liquid Notes for Live.

I'm having no internet issues and like I stated my laptop connected to the Norton servers just fine at the same time I was trying on my desktop.

I contacted support and after over an hour of trying he said to try activating after 24 hours and still nothing. Windows 10 64 Norton Security with Backup be an issue with the Fast Start feature.. It could be a problem with your Norton Installation.Did you buy it in the same country as you are now trying to install it? Squibsorz: after renewing and installing new product it will not activate.Normally doing a renewal, there is no need to reinstall - a bit of clarification please re installing new product - did you change from an older product (NIS/N360) to a newer product (NSBU)?Did you try the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool as peterweb suggested? A couple of questions in order to try to gain better insight into your situation, since the normal corrections do not appear to work: Perhaps a better understanding of how you are doing the "renewal" - thru Norton or by using a new product key?Yank: Yes when I went to renew there was a deal to upgrade to NSBU when I previously had N360.Run the removal tool and reinstalled countless times.

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