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Her most prominent skill is her proficiency as a sharpshooter.

Throughout the series this has come in handy against both the living and the dead being one of the most lethal members of the group.

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On this season of Real World Seattle: Bad Blood, seven strangers in their early twenties move into an upscale loft in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood with the hope of starting an exciting new chapter in their lives.

In Real World Seattle: Bad Blood, the roommates believe they have their new home all to themselves, but what they don’t know is there are seven other people coming to crash their party.

Now, the fourteen must learn to co-exist, get beyond the conflicts of the past, and resolve their unfinished business.

Real World Seattle: Bad Blood is the first time in the series’ history to have so many roommates come together to form new friendships, new rivalries, and new flames.

As the dynamics change between the two groups of rivals, will they work out the bad blood between them?

Or will their disagreements prove too much to overcome, leading some to call it quits?

Andrea has been consistently resolute despite all the tragedies that have occurred throughout the series.

She is brave and loyal to her allies, not only is she willing to risk her life for her allies she often goes out of her way to do so.

She has also at many times taken up the role of teaching other survivors how to shoot like Tyreese at the prison and various members of the Alexandrian community.

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