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An N5 Criminal is an enemy to everyone, both Enforcers and Criminals.Well I hope these tips help you new players out and make you all less confused about the game.

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Waterfront and Financial are both mission districts, you can only progress the contacts for the district you are in, so you will find that you have to swap around every now and again. However Fight Club seems to be the district of choice for those wanting to level roles and guns quickly.

Waterfront: Mostly medium to long ranged fights, more open spaces than Financial.

Yes, players with prestige 5 (enforcers) and people with notoriety 5 (criminals) can kill anyone and can get killed by anyone.

the player that kills somesome that is prestige 5 or notoriety 5 gets money so yes, there is a bounty.

That means even if to you you are safe behind cover, your hitbox can still potentially be exposed and you getting hit.

On the other side, if someone is hiding behind cover, you can possibly still hit them anyway using the same method. Just make sure you don't move at top speeds when turning corners, or you -will- spin out of control.

- Press J, click Progression, select the contact's faction, double click the contact and pledge. Want to unlock that cool piece of gear but don't know who unlocks it? Let's put it like this, Armas Guns (You know, those "golden guns") are only slightly better than their non-Armas counter parts and can be defeated just as easily by an experienced player.

Put your mouse cursor over the red padlock icon and it will tell you. Car radio and VOIP Press P to open up the car radio menu and change songs or stop the song. OCA EW-626 "Whisper" - The main advantage of this is the lower recoil, higher range and the suppressor.

After finishing the Tutorial or skipping it, go to a mail box and open the mails with the paperclip icon beside them, retrieve the Field Supplier and Frag Grenades from them.

Noob = Someone that isn't new but sucks really bad at the game. Equipping grenades and the Field Supplier Most newbies generally don't do such, so here is how to do it.

Most of the Prentiss Tigers (Enforcer) and Bloodrose (Criminal) contacts are here.

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