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I also think males face oppression in this system in some ways too. But i get it, in the age of sjw tumblrinas many assume all feminists are sjws and argue from that idea. Why is there no mention of women having more social value than men? :)How the hell can we discuss feminism in the 21st century when we have to deal with some guy whining about why there aren't "Men's Nights"? Personal experience doesn't prove what will happen in the real world.

And i think much of patriarchy is a result of women enforcing it. Im actually a socialist feminist, and we are VERY different that capitalist incremental "fun femmes" with blue freaking hair that pretend obesity is some statement against the patriarchy. If you are hoping for competent support from halftime... When it came to rational argument in the support of his friend. Why no mention of men who have their reputations ruined by false accusations of rape? And that was the first item on your list, so don't pretend I'm picking it out of context. Surveys can also be unreliable because the people that were affected by something are more likely to take part in the survey." I've personally witnessed women raping men."Goodness!

Its been a lot of fun updating my profile and contacting other members on here. I know they w[...]Five Traits in a Mate That Are Not Deal Breakers Have you decided that you will only marry a man of a certain height, profession or hairstyle?

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Presently, in multiculty France, where all are welcome to share in the welfare-joys brought to them by the labor of the French people, Kim Kardashian has inspired a trend of jungle love among the invading Arab slut brigade.

Vice reports: Paris is burning, and it’s all Kim Kardashian’s fault.

A Hindu can do marriage with a Muslim woman only if Hindu guy accept (embrace) Islam. yes if they get marriage against the will of woman's muslim parents, there may chance ................ Please tell me what would happen if an Indian man falls in love with an Arab woman?

Now western media tells me that if the Hindu man does not convert to Islam, he can not marry the woman.

OK, that’s an overstatement, but the city’s suburbs have been torn apart lately because of Arab French girls who happen to date black guys and the Arab French bigots who slut-shame them for doing so.

Since we are dealing with teenagers, the full extent of the issue is displayed on social media: Scrolling through Facemook—a sort of Facebook within Facebook, with more than 70,000 members—I stumbled upon countless offensive posts by groups with names such as “” (Arab girls use Islam to justify their debauchery).But ludicrous, sexist posts by this guy prove her points. There is actually A LOT of theory in feminism that i have major issues with and would be HAPPY to discuss. But sweetie in the end, nothing is going to help you. You're here to engage in name calling while calling everyone that doesn't agree with you a "troll." Show the forum that you're mature enough to discuss ideas without name calling and accept that other people have their own opinion.But unfortunately, we cant get to that because despite the mountain of evidence in demographics concerning violence, sexual assault and poverty there are still some folks who pretend that sexism is a delusion. If feminists were worried about gender equality, why do they say nothing about clubs having "Ladies Nights" and no "Men's Nights"? Bombshell before you go all "cement and vagina" on me (which I really don't think those two words should EVER be associated) I am......teasing! : D*****just releasing tension....a rough couple of days.....carry on.I started using Arab Christian again when I got an email about the new website (after giving up on the online dating website thing for a while).I can say the new website definitely looks great and is really easy to use.The rules here are very simple, do not engage in any discussion that will get some of the women's panties in a wad. There's a big difference between that and modern feminism though. You say, "ad hominem" literally two words before you accuse anyone who disagrees with you of being a "regressive leftist."At least learn what the words you use mean.

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