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It’s “Ghost Hunters” this week, maybe next week it’s “Ghost Hunters International? By that point, I had been a case manager and historical researcher for three-and-a-half years. The travel is extremely difficult, I am not going to lie. I was asked by SYFY if I wanted to go over (to “GHI”).

And of course there are some new team members that have come into the team and of course now we're jet setting around the world. And I'm not, that I find, from what I understand of course, has come through, right through to the show itself, to the filming. And I have over three years of traveling the states with Ghost Hunters. Did you guys do a follow-up or is there a second book coming out at all? And I've got some of the side effects to some of this negative, these negative influences.

And I think keeping positive - keeping one step ahead has been fantastic. Question: Are there people that have a sort of Teflon for the spirits?

And speaking of course, I'm listening to some (baroness) who dive on the ship itself. And that just seemed to keep going on and on and on. It's funny too because we've all noticed that we're kind of like each other's opposites. Over there a lot of the history goes back to World War II. Every time I go to a new case I'm learning something different which is kind of nice.

Before they actually arrive on the ship, before they see the ship, the hairs stand on the back of their necks. Question: Kris, what's it been like to transfer from the TAPS Team in the US to GHI with Barry? We all balance each other out really well which has been kind of interesting to watch. I was looking forward to seeing different cultures and seeing if the haunts overseas were any different than the ones in the States.

And perhaps maybe a little bit about the case you guys investigated in Demark if you don't mind. Overseas they say a castle, and they're not kidding. And when they said a dungeon, they were not kidding. And honestly in a lot of ways the history in The States just can't, it can't touch the history overseas, it just can't.

Barry Fitzgerald: It's a big responsibility of course and stepping up to the front. And there's great communication with the team and great camaraderie. And I know I've said this to Barry a few times, but there are places in the states where they say oh, we're going to investigate a castle. Question: Barry, you and Dustin had worked on a book last year. But yes there is another book just released about a week ago. And that's a more darker insight into the world of the paranormal.Barry Fitzgerald: What we have seen is that there is a manipulation of the low-end DC EMF.And so those things that are run by batteries and things like that. Now they can't obviously drain batteries and things like that.And it seems okay if you're being haunted by an old washing machine or maybe an old TV. Barry Fitzgerald: Yes, we did some sub-sections of it. Question: Barry, can you talk about the reason you wanted to investigate Hamlet's Castle?But no use really in the paranormal itself because we as a body produce a weak DC field. And we started to see manipulation of equipment within the DC ranges. Question: Are you ready for a deep sea expedition there Kris? I've always been game for whatever they throw at me. And what there are, you know, over seven million corpses down there. And what were you feeling before the investigation began? And there are many layers of history of course within the castle. And right up until the days of the end of the Cold War of course, it was being used to monitor Soviet movement back and forth in the Baltic. Question: What was the scariest part of Kronborg Castle?And it was a great, thrilling experience for us to be able to do this and understand what truly was going on. And it sounds like you were lucky enough not to open those particular things.

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