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Don’t do things just to meet women because you’ll come across as fake. – ’20 minute coffee dates’ Short sharp first dates work well, especially for busy professional guys.Possessing a degree of self confidence that would make Muhammad Ali blush can go a long way with girls.

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Walking the line between self-obsession and thoughtful portraiture, Smyles explores an inextricable link between sex and loneliness, self-loathing and self-acceptance in contemporary New York.

I’m often asked which celebrities I think would be great with women. His monster bestseller, The 4 Hour Workweek is sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read.

These are two things most educated professional guys could certainly use help with!

– ‘Find something cool you can actually enjoy’ You must be having FUN when trying to meet women or you won’t get very far.

“I press on,” Iris confides to her reader, “viewing my debasement not as a failure of will but the final straw in a heroic tale of survival.” Characteristically, debasement is easier for Iris than actually cutting ties and facing the world alone, a reality she attempts to avoid at all costs.

Emotional survival is the name of the game, since Iris lives in Manhattan thanks to an influx of cash from her parents that her brother dubs “I-fare, ‘like welfare but for Iris.' " At once both tone-deaf and bitingly funny, Smyles has created a contemporary portrait of the disaffected artist barely making her way in the big city, facing no repercussions except her own loneliness.

‘I gotta go now’, turns the tables on attractive girls. Not the ‘nice guy’ letting a date drag on and on, hoping you’ll somehow score some sex while rapidly loosing your novelty and attractiveness to her.

20 minutes is a bit short for my liking for most of my clients, but certainly try keeping a ‘getting to know you date’ to around the 45-60 minute mark. For 95% of men, lying will rarely – if ever – work on well-adjusted women on or about your attractiveness level.

Go out to have fun with your friends and the new people you meet.

It seems obvious, but if you don’t enjoy bars or clubs, do something else.

Leave a short, sharp and great impression of yourself – hold her eye contact confidently, touch her a bit and leave her wanting more. Be completely honest, even when it’s mildly embarrassing.

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