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For this reason, it isn’t difficult to imagine women – specifically – having a harder time letting things go. Women aren’t exactly more emotional in the sense that most men would believe – it’s not that their emotions are like ours, but two-fold.It’s simply that they allow themselves to feel emotion more often than men do – allowing themselves to dive deeper for longer.Whenever she looks at you, she is going to think of him, and all the horrible things he did to her – all the horrible things they did to each other.

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At the same time, we’ll have difficulty remembering the name of that person we met three minutes ago.

Clearly it isn’t only the happiest memories that follow us through life, but also the most horrible memories – those memories that haunt us no matter how hard we try to forget them.

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Why is it that we remember some things so vividly and others not at all?

Some things we remember in such perfect detail that we can almost relive that moment in our minds, over and over again.

We remember those events that made us feel the most.

It’s the emotions that resulted from those events that make the events themselves feel so real, even years after the fact. This may not necessarily mean that they feel happier, angrier or sadder than their male counterparts, but it does mean that they respond emotionally to stimuli more often and for a longer period of time than men do.

Even if she won’t admit it to herself, the fact is that once you experience love – especially if you are a woman – you will never stop looking for it again. Unfortunately, the pain from the last experience never really fades for women, making love a complicated matter.

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