Being too eager in dating no more dating im just waiting lyrics

More texting later that day, basically this has become a daily thing, where there is constant contact via text.

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Being too eager in dating Sex call no credit card

Whenever I have mentioned I am scheduled to work etc., he asks about whether he can come by during my shift so I can meet him for food, and then also texts to confirm "oh you're supposed to be off tonight, right?

", basically feels like he's confirming where I am all the time, even when I have mentioned I usually work a set schedule of Tues/Wed/Thurs.

He basically made a big mistake, because I was super tired, and I immediately let him have it, and busted out with, "the reason I seemed irritated/cranky is because you call too much.

I'm tired, I just finished working several hours in a row, and we talked about this days ago, I don't see why this whole 'confirmation' thing is necessary.

Right now I'm really cool with the idea of just dating a few different people and not just focusing on one person.

I know I don't have to respond to any of the texts, in fact, there have been some I've just ignored, although mostly he HAS engaged me in a lot of the back-and-forth, just cause of the interesting aspect of meeting a new person that seems fun, etc.I don't actually remember if I introduced myself to Steve or the other guy; maybe I did, but don't remember, especially since I've been working a bunch lately and am tired.A few days later, I got a message from Steve via Facebook, identifying himself as being "one of the security guards in the ER with whom you talked for like 0.5 seconds the other day, you seem really funny" and asking if I wanted to get coffee.I considered canceling the date, but decided to go.During dinner, he's asking what plans I have for the weekend, and to me, it appears he does this in ways that are inclined towards figuring out my schedule.It was apparent on the phone call that I was quite irritated at this.

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