Belarus dating olga

My girlfriends considered this idea totally crazy, and I decided for myself that even if I don’t meet my destiny, then at least I will practice my language skills, and it’s already a bonus.

So, when he met my daughter, they quickly hit it off. He doesn’t even remember that she is not his daughter, except when some documents from the biological father are needed. My husband sends you his greetings and says thank you for the good wife.

The time flew quickly and he had to return to the UK. It seemed like a fairy tale that suddenly finished. Chats on Skype sometimes were full of silent pauses, and in one such moment he offered me to marry him. We have full mutual understanding and an excellent family. The most important is to have a dream and follow it, because dreams have the wonderful quality to become true.

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Internet dating puts thousands of Belarus women and men within your reach.

Our communication moved to phone conversations and chats on Skype.

After 6 months he decided to visit me in my small Belarus town. He flew to see me and our contact in the real world was great for us.

They were described as boring, calculating, and fussy, and I didn’t hope that I would be successful.

Because at that moment I lived with my child from the previous marriage in a small town in outskirts of Belarus.

My interest turned to men from the UK, as it’s English language and the only foreign language that I knew a little bit.

I was reading information about the mentality and characteristics of its citizens, and it all seemed unreal.

His persistence cheered me up, and I decided to give it another try.

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