Belkin routers keeps updating dns rules blog dating

“Attackers with the ability to connect to the network would be able to access the management area of the router.

They could then change any of the settings including redirecting legitimate users to malicious websites,” he said.

He added that it's unlikely that large organisations would be using these devices.

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While passwords do not provide any additional security against LAN-based attackers due to the authentication bypass vulnerability, passwords can help to prevent blind guessing attempts that would establish sessions for CSRF attacks.

LAN hosts should not browse the Internet while the web management interface has an active session in a browser tab,” it advised.

Note that in default configurations lacking password protection, an attacker can establish an active session as part of an attack and does not require a victim to be logged in.

US-CERT said it was “currently unaware of a practical solution to this problem”.

I do my part to post this information to my social networks in a Neighbourhood Watch type of effort and encourage everyone to do the same.

Help your fellow internet connected friend be safe.

Security is a process and you need to be part of that process,” he added.

I have had Open DNS running for weeks with no problems, but recently I have begun to have many instances per day where it stops working.

Wireless routers made by Belkin have been found to have several vulnerabilities, some of which have no workarounds.

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