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Setting the records straight, Nana Sasraku said he became curious when he saw the pictures on social media “because the boys looked like Ghanaians.” He said he became frightened after watching the pictures because the nasty things the boys were doing are averse to Ghana’s rich culture.Nana Sasraku stated that he realised that if care was not taken, very soon Ghanaian teenagers (both sexes) would be engaging in same sex practices.They regard it as a safe way to explore their sexuality. "The levels of stress and anxiety created by reputational damage from sexting is evident from calls to Childline, the support line, and through our face-to-face work," she said.

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This follows a pronouncement by Nana Kumtwe Sasraku, the Gyasehene of Berekum, that the teenagers are not from the town (Berekum).

He has consequently cautioned people who have been associating Berekum with the alien practice to stop that because it is tarnishing the image of the town and its people.

Sexting is the sending or receiving of sexually explicit messages or images by text messaging or via email, said Caroline O'Sullivan, director of services at the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Dealing with the fallout from sexting is now an area of serious concern and is becoming more and more a feature of the organisation's daily work, she told the Oireachtas Committee on Children and Youth Affairs.

One of the nude pictures also shows a man who is wearing a woman’s brazier with showy pink lips, clearly imitating how women dress.

Another picture has a man on his knees being bonked from behind, as another depicts a naked man standing and proudly showing his big organ.A high class collection of naked women videos in which you can easily find beauty and lust.Hot ass beauties in love with undressing on cam and playing with their shaved pussies or butt holes along their collection of toy cocks.In this regard, he said as a responsible chief, he quickly called a section of the media and strongly warned Ghanaian youth to abstain from same sex.A nine-year-old girl who was sending nude photos of herself to boys in her class is a victim of the growing trend of "sexting" which is now becoming the "norm" among young people, it emerged yesterday.But they could end up being groomed by paedophiles or subjected to bullying.

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